Microgrid, a self-contained renewable & CHP energy generator and storage system


Desktop Power Applications



       -Small household items


Green Building Applications

      -Residential home
      -Utility scale power
      -Backup for all energy systems

Military & Defense Applications

       -Base power
       -Portable power for Warfighter 
       - Robotics

Transportation Applications

       -Battery-powered aircrafts
       -Electric Vehicles
       -The International Space Station
       -Mars explorer vehicles


The 2013 original version produced 28W (15W solar) 144 Wh and utilized a variety of generators - turbines and magnetic induction. 

The current 2016 third version produces 300-340W (100W solar) 576 Wh, producing the most electricity per second due to the simultaneous triggering of generators. Unlike past models, this model is customizable, allowing for multiple generative rows to be added. 


Version 2


Developed in 2012, our palmsized 6W magnetic induction generators can provide higher frequency within reciprocating models than turbines. 


Version 1

"The Power of Air Both Energizing and Hydrating Your Entire World"
                             "Anytime Onsite Water & Energy"

Magnetic Induction Generators

After further R&D, the 2014 second version produced 165W (45W solar) 144 Wh. 

Version 3