Core Competencies:

  • Engineering of onsite electrical production 

  • Engineering of onsite electrical transference

  • ​Engineering of onsite electrical conservation

  • Magnetic induction models
  • Renewable energy designs
  • CHP designs 

Varnell Castor, Founder & CEO, Monkeytech International LLC

    Mr. Castor earned a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts Boston and an Associates in Liberal Arts from the North Shore Community College.

A graduate in Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Mr. Castor has innate engineering skillsets that led to innovation. Mr. Castor has over 7 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, particularly in microgrids that offer anytime energy onsite. As Monkeytech International LLC’s Founder, CEO, Principal Investigator and Inventor,  Mr. Castor’s turnkey approach and intuitive electrical and mechanical engineering skillsets bring forth game-changing designs and methodologies to fruition. Prior to becoming the Founder of Monkeytech International LLC, as an intuitive engineer, Mr. Castor singlehandedly completed the design and/or construction of multiple inventions in short timeframes, ranging from Military Warfighter to renewable energy applications.  He has over 6 years of experience in the patent practices and services and has overseen  10+ patent applications. 

He is very passionate about chess, particularly since winning his first chess tournament at Saint Rose Elementary School in Chelsea, Massachusetts at the age of 13, and currently resides there with his two kids and Siberian Husky puppy.  

George J. Buccheri – COO, Monkeytech International LLC

    Mr. Buccheri completed his academia at Harvard Business Management in Massachusetts, concentrating in corporate finance. From 12/2008 to present, as COO of Monkeytech International LLC, Mr. Buccheri has provided strategic planning, budgeting / expense tracking & controls, P&L accountability, M & A accountability, sales/marketing/forecast involvement, bank/litigation negotiation, production planning, logistics – QA, continuous process improvement, global outsourcing and research in supply-chain purchasing.

Mr. Buccheri has provided services with emphasis on solution and relationship selling. To date, he has 13+ years worth of developed experience in financing, marketing, management, customer service, development, and sales. From 06/1999 to present, he developed his management skills through his work experience with two of the top international Fortune 500 telecommunications firms in the industry. Through his leadership, his stores cultivated repeat business referrals through excellent customer relations.

Throughout his career, Mr. Buccheri has earned Financial Incentives and performed assessments to monitor and improve costs which resulted in strong customer relationships. He cultivated experience in conducting meetings to reinforce goals, motivating performance and exceeding monthly quota's every month. Mr. Buccheri has merchandised new product, increased revenues over the last year's performance by 150%, effectively administered productivity and incentive programs to maximize staff performance, increased accuracy in internal audits, and evaluated staff performance to discuses proficiencies/deficiencies. He is experienced in cost accounting and running weekly & monthly reports. Mr.Buccheri also has extensive coaching and development skills to develop fellow employees to succeed within an organization.

"The Power of Air Both Energizing and Hydrating Your Entire World"
                             "Anytime Onsite Water & Energy"