"The Power of Air Energizing Your Entire World"
                                     "Anytime Onsite Energy"

Microgrid, a self-contained renewable & CHP energy generator and storage system



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Air-to-Electricity Microgrid negates:

​​overstretching of the power grid,

high feed line costs. For example, the U.S. Department of Defense is the largest single consumer of energy in the world, gobbling up 3.8 billion kilowatt hours of electricity and 120 million barrels of oil per year. It’s an expensive habit, costing the agency some $20 billion a year,

lack in reliable onsite access to power, even in developing countries. Globally, lack of access to energy solutions continue. In developing countries, only 75% of citizens have access to power. Even for the wealthy, the limited supply makes it availability unreliable and frequent power outages are a reality for residents. Of the 1.2 billion world citizens who live in the dark, around 550 million live in Africa,  

high utility costs. Within a 40-year period, the average consumer pays $53,000 or more due to increased resource or supply costs for feed lines that are passed down to the consumer to pay, and

reliance on resource-limited systems. For example, the feed resources - natural gas, methane, hydrogen and water for steam (thermal cost) to operate - that operate existing micro-CHP energy systems are expensive, intermittent, emission-prone and very limited resources.

 most reliable to run your projects?

          At Monkeytech International LLC, we focus on individual freedom with grid-free onsite energy generation and storage. We believe in decentralized power because, for too long, conventionally practiced centralized energy distribution schematic runs into problems. It is your right to choose where you get your energy source from. We are here to give you better, more affordable options.      

         We invented a patent-pending mobile, combined renewable energy and heat storage energy mobile microgrid system that produces and stores zero-emission power anytime you need high density energy onsite, day or night. We relieved intermittency by focusing on our cheaper and 24/7-accessible CHP energy system, which is more efficient than large wind and solar panel farms. Why not utilize the smartest cleantech instead of the costliest?

         Our cleantech invention is a self-recharging mobile microgrid that can be transferred from home to home or other applications to provide reliable power at high densities onsite when you need it. Based on our 340W 576Wh working prototype, the mobile microgrid runs on two abundant resources - renewable energy and CHP known as compressed gas (Compressed heat storage) - so you will never have to pay for supply costs that existing utilities redirect to consumers.  While on the go,  the mobile generator and storage microgrid pulls and stores surrounding zero-emission cheap resources (Air at the rate of $.05 per kWh) which is then converted into storable heat to produce electricity for storage.

         No more worrying about unreliable or intermittent power, blackouts, attacks on fuel supply runs, harmful emissions, high utility costs, or having to pay for supply costs. “The power of air can energize your entire world.”

         Welcome to the future of high density electrical production and storage, where zero-emission is achievable!  Support Monkeytech International LLC. 


       We live in a combustible world, where our society runs off combustion, from our cars to generating electricity. Unfortunately, combustion runs on costly, limited resources and pollutes the air. Fortunately, our mobile microgrid runs on abundantly available resources, instead of limited resources, that it automatically collects and stores clean resources anytime to power your projects. Power changes everything, so why not have the smartest and