"The Power of Air Both Energizing and Hydrating Your Entire World"
                             "Anytime Onsite Water & Energy"

Microgrid, a self-contained renewable & CHP energy generator and storage system

   “In the Chinese Zodiac, The Monkey is the cleverest sign of them all. Highly adaptable, versatile, inventive and intelligent, those born in this year can solve most problems rather quickly and skillfully, enabling them to accomplish much in business. And, because of The Monkey’s curiosity, those born in this year usually are born with a great thirst for knowledge.”

The Monkey is Nature's defender. As such, we are honored to adopt the banner of the Monkey as we utilize our intuitive engineering to bring about a better world, through innovative portable energy systems, where everyone has access to affordable clean energy while preserving the only planet we have. Monkeytech, Power Up!